Staff Services

The importance of investing in people and employee development. Some employers become hesitant when addressing the softer areas of the business, specifically development and training. This is often because they don't see or choose to ignore the relationship between employee and company and the direct affect it has on commercial success. 

A clear dedicated focus on people management can improve workplace efficiency motivation, staff retention and customer service.
A company that invests and develops their employees about the direction of the business is one that is more likely to see improved productivity.  ​

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  1. Workshop Sales
    Principles & Understanding of the selling process. Prospecting and qualifying clients. Presentation and demonstration skills. Facilitating and understanding customer objections. Asking for the business and closing the sale. We provide group or individual training tailored to your products. These workshops are very popular and are designed around your business and staff.
  2. Recruitment
    Vacancy Details. Interviewing. Short-Listing. Head Hunting. We understand recruitment is a major problem for many businesses small and large. We can help and assist in this process by networking any vacancies and looking to interview, short-list or Head hunt specific requirements suited to your business. It eliminates the time process required vetting individual candidates and allows you to select and hire the right person within a timely fashion.