We believe Business Consultancy can cover a great amount of details and products. That is why we aim to make  things as clear and concise as possible, understanding every business is what we are about. We look to  work together and we immerse ourselves in your business. We provide fresh independent perspectives to  your business and look to implement growth, strategy, management, and form good solid business practices  around the  workplace. 

 Listed below are just some of the services we offer to cover important aspects of any business, but we also know  every business is unique and we like to adapt our services to your individual requirements. 

  1. Strategy & Structure
    Where is your business now? Where do you want to take it? What do you need to get there? We look at all aspects of your business. We listen, understand, plan and provide solutions to your business requirements, key strategies and organisation. This process not only helps you achieve the results you want but helps promote good workplace practice.
  2. Business Mentoring
    Business Mentoring means we are on your side but we will challenge you. We will look to understand your goals and question, challenge, coach, train and advise you to help you achieve them. We remove the barriers to help achieve your business potential and set standards to adopt in the workplace. Business mentoring is a more common theme across many new start-up businesses and established companies who are looking to inject growth, new processes, or in most cases to see an outside objective of the current business. This is a fantastic service designed on a 1-1 basis with owners looking at all business requirements. A solid business plan both short and long term goals and how they are understood and achieved is crucial to that success.
  3. Marketing Development
    Target Marketing. Goals. Research. Evaluation & Adjustment. Marketing strategies give your business a direction towards effective promotion. Marketing strategies differ from one business to the next and we look to suit the needs of your company. The development of a marketing strategy involves the isolation of a target market segment, a set of clear-cut goals, a fair amount of consumer research, and the implementation of initiatives aimed at getting the word out.
  4. Sales Development
    Rapport. Credibility. Who,What and How. Desires & Issues. Ask for the Business. Many sales conversations need improvement no matter what your business is trying to sell. It’s not that the effort isn’t there, but sometimes, it's too scripted. Consumers are quite clever now and do their homework, they can spot a scripted conversation from a mile away. If you want to increase your sales or up-sell then some of the key elements listed above will provide a higher success rate. We look to devise a structure and tailor your business sales requirements.
  5. Career Vocation Planning (Sports)
    We work with professional athletes in the footballing industry. We have been involved in pro sports for over 18 years. Services provided range in financial products,Contracts,Media, Education and more For any professional sportsperson the more time they can focus purely on what they do the better. At Optimise Business Consultancy we support in the day to day matters in all financial products as with all of our services this is arranged totally to the client’s requirements. We have built an excellent network of trusted experts and partner's who provide specialist advice on all aspects of our players’ finances. They are vastly experienced in dealing with the unique requirements of sports professionals and provide tailored wealth management for each player’s unique circumstances. This comprises of: Banking & Cash Management - Loan Facilities - Investment Management - Tax Our advisers provide a high level of personal service, understanding, security and trust. We maintain regular contact with them in the knowledge that, as a career progresses, a players’ needs and lifestyle will also change. Wealth management strategies are therefore reviewed frequently to ensure they remain appropriate, from early playing days, throughout a player’s career, to retirement and beyond. Sporting careers can be relatively short and with our life experiences and first hand knowledge we offer vocational planning for when a sports career is over. This includes identifying and supporting further education and training, business interests and more. We strive for long term partnerships with our clients and therefore support in planning and setting objectives to meet the clients short, medium and long term goals. We know all players are different and fully understand that individual achievements can vary thats why we work so closely with all levels of players from youth and the full understanding of good solid advice through to the more established player. For more info contact us today.
  6. Digital
    In a world of digital media websites and social networks it's a powerful tool not only to engage your customers but to sell. No matter your business, having the ability to promote, update and connect with existing and potential customers is massive for business. We look to work with existing digital platforms, generate new ideas, design new sites for your business or implement a freshness to your existing platforms. We aim to make you stand out within your budget restrictions.